We believe that our Participants should never stop learning and incorporated that belief into the core of our program. The activities which allow us to accomplish our goals include reading, writing, theatre, and so much more.


We also know everyone like to have fun and that's why we've included activities that will put a smile on everyone's face. The recreational portion of the program includes activities such as arts & crafts, board and parlor games, music, electronic games, and other activities.


When designing the program we realized that unless we could positively affect every aspect of our Participants lives then we would not be accomplishing our goals. Which is why we have included health and fitness into the program so that are Participants can get more out of their lives. We achieve this through the use of professional yoga sessions, walking, outdoor activities, dance, and other suitable methods.


Being in the heart of downtown Geneva, Il allows us to integrate an unprecedented social aspect into our program. This is accomplished through the use of community voyages which are designed to improve the lives of our Participants.


With our desire to make the community a large part of what we do we came to the conclusion that we could not accomplish this goal without first giving something back which is why we have incorporated volunteerism into the program. By doing this we have been able to not just improve the lives of others but to also improve the lives of our Participants. Some examples of our volunteerism include the Northern Illinois Food bank and the Salvation Army.


We know no-one can go a day without eating which is why lunch is a daily part of the program and is included in the program fee with the exception of when the community voyage directly involves lunch. 


The lives of our Participants don't just occur during the day which is why we have occasional events for our Participants outside of the normal program hours. These social events include dances, holiday themed parties, sporting events, trips to the theatre, and seasonal activities.